How to Generate CSR for SSL Certificates installation on your web server
Syumantec buys Verisign SSL business
Symantec to Acquire VeriSign’s Security Business
May 27, 2010
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How to Generate CSR for SSL

How to generate CSR for SSL

Private key sample

Creating your CSR is the first step in securing your webserver with SSL and gaining access to https. Here you will know how to generate CSR for SSL.

Certificate Signing Request instructions are available for the web servers listed below.

How to generate CSR for SSL

Private key sample

Please click on your server type to view the instructions for CSR Generation.

If you do not see your server type listed above, click on this link for further instructions on how to generate CSR for SSL provided by Comodo CA.

Alternatively, the following online tool can be used for the CSR generation: Please make sure to save both CSR and the Private Key codes, as the latter one will be required for the certificate installation process on the server.

If you are activating a Multi-domain certificate, and your server does not allow you to generate a CSR for multiple common names, activate your certificate using just one common name. You will be able to add all required SANs through your Namecheap account during the activation process.

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