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December 9, 2017
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Sectigo is the new name for Comodo CA

Comodo CA, the world’s largest Commercial Certificates Authority and leader in security solutions on the web, today announced that the company changes its brand to Sectigo . The company revealed its new name to limit market confusion and better represent the scope and direction of its solutions, in time with the first anniversary of its acquisition by Francisco Partners in a detachment of the Comodo Group.

Sectigo provides security solutions in the network for small, medium and business businesses, in order to protect employees, customers, intellectual property and brands against online threats. The company’s products and services allow clients and partners to monitor and secure digital identities through all points of contact.

“It’s a fascinating time for our company,” said Bill Holtz, CEO of Sectigo. “By renaming us as Sectigo, we are emphasizing our expansion beyond SSL to IoT and web security, and announcing our commitment to make the Internet more secure, in addition to secure – for businesses and We are focused on providing solutions that rethink standards and make progress in the industry as a whole, and plan to become the most reliable, innovative and customer-focused partner in the world to protect each website, transaction , communication and connected device “.

Sectigo began to expand the company’s solutions and services beyond its basic TLS / SSL digital certificate business and continued to work with relevant standards bodies.

  • IoT Manager – Launched its security platform for devices with IoT (Internet of Things) to defend devices and networks against cyber attacks, through a strong digital identity PKI (for the acronym in English “public key infrastructure”), which serves a range of industries and applications, including industrial automation, medical devices, automotive, telecommunications, smart cities and buildings, and consumer electronics.
  • Certificate Manager 6.0 – Introduces advanced features for the management of all business certificate requirements from an interface: automated discovery and adoption of certificates issued by SSL providers, Active Directory Certificates, automated registration, and renewals under the control of public SSL administrator, private SSl, user, mobile device, SMIME, and certificates for IoT, using industry standard protocols.
  • CodeGuard, Inc. – Purchased CodeGuard , a global leader in website maintenance, backup and disaster recovery.
  • Leadership in standards – Global membership established in the industry to promote industry standards for WiMAX Forum, GSMA, Zigbee, OCF and Joint Venture – Silicon Valley.

    The company’s new flagship site,, offers a more modern experience, with intuitive navigation, a streamlined cashbox, a set of payment options, information on a wide range of products and services and better online support.

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