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SSL Certificate Providers

SSL Certificate Providers

SSL also known as Secure Sockets Layer is an encryption technology created by Netscape. By utilizing SSL, you can create an encrypted connection between your web server and that of your visitors. This allows for private and sensitive information to be transmitted without the risk of tampering, eavesdropping, or forgery.

To enable the SSL feature on your website, you have to acquire a SSL certificate. SSL certificates are an essential part of today’s modern websites especially websites that operate e-commerce. Since most internet users are using the web to pay their bills, shop, and even make bank transactions online – SSL certificates provide the users with security. When a SSL certificate is installed in a website, the users are assured that the information they are sending via web (contacts and credit card information) is only seen by the owners of the specific website.

Top SSL certificate Providers

Here are some of the top SSL providers to consider:

Symantec: The largest SSL certificate provider, Symantec is used by many businesses including PayPal. Although, Symantec provides the highest standard of protection to its consumers – it certainly is the most expensive SSL provider also.

Thawte: One of the low cost SSL certificate providers, Thawte can be purchased with 256-bit encryption.

Comodo: The SSL certificate provider Comodo has packages that can be customized for all – home business, enterprises, businesses, e-commerce, etc. the company is widely trusted by its users and offers 256-bit encryption.

GoDaddy: One of the big domain registration company, GoDaddy also offers SSL certificates Standard and Deluxe package. The company also offers support.

DigiCert: The SSL certificate provider is being used by some major companies.

GeoTrust: The SSL provider now acquired by Symantec offers many cost-effective solutions that suit the individual needs of the different businesses. Basic encryption plan from GeoTrust can be purchased for as low as $119 while maximum security can be available for $549. The SSL provider also offers a free trial to test their products. The customer support provided by GeoTrust is exceptionally fast. The live chat feature will get you instant answers to any of your technical queries by the expert team employed by the company. The economical prices offered by GeoTrust makes it the ideal choice for many businesses.

RapidSSL: Catering to many individuals and small organizations, the SSL provider has gained popularity after it started operating under GeoTrust and Symantec software. Rapid SSL offers only one plan for its users – $15.99 a year which comes with $10,000 warranty. One of the most trusted SSL provider, the company also offers the same level of encryption than its pricier competitors.

Choosing the best and the most reliable SSL certificate might be a difficult choice for many business owners. Some of the least expensive ones can be as reliable as the expensive ones. The above mentioned SSL providers are well-known and highly trusted.
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