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What is an SSL Certificate?

Nowadays, in such an open and global environment as the Internet is, the security and protection of your public identity, your personal data and even the physical integrity or the state of your team, is something that should worry us a bit. plus. Internet is full of all kinds of opportunities, it is true, but unfortunately also of criminals and harmful viruses capable of doing anything bad.

What is an ssl certificate?In the same way that there are many risks, there are many highly effective security measures, especially regarding personal data protection, managing private information or money. That’s why I’m going to talk about what the SSL Certificate is.

What is an SSL Certificate?

It is a digital credential that attests that a website is authentic, reliable and secure, guaranteeing the encryption of the connection to the server of the page. An SSL certificate is granted to sites whose hosting, or web hosting server, works with the SSL Protocol.

The acronym of SSL Protocol means Secure Socket Layer and would be something like “safe ports layer”. The first version dates from 1994 and was developed by Nestcape Communications. The SSL Protocol is a cryptographic protocol, which would be like a protection system, which allows your data to pass from your computer to the server, under the strictest confidentiality and security, and without anyone being able to see what you are doing.

Security protocols work with algorithms and encryption keys, act in a way that your data is totally illegible and encrypted and then only through the same protocol, can be restored. It is a bit difficult to understand, but its operation is very simple, and very effective too.

Among the main functions that SSL Certificates have, we can enumerate those of encrypting and rendering invisible everything a user does on the web page, guaranteeing the greatest possible confidentiality and avoiding undesirable characters such as hackers, pirates and viruses.

Why is it important to have an SSL Certificate?
Now that you know what a ssl certificate is, we’ll talk about its usefulness. An SSL Certificate, as well as the use of this technology, benefits both the website and its users, since it guarantees not only security supports, but it is a transparent and authentic website, it is not a false or pirated page.

Similarly, an SSL certificate protects users of Phishing and Keyloggers, as well as other variants of malware or spyware that can be achieved by walking the Internet.

A web page with SSL certificate not only has a security and probity credential, but also makes it more secure against possible attacks by hackers or cybercriminals.

Where and when is the presence of an SSL Certificate necessary?

Whoever makes monetary transactions on the Internet, eCommerce activities or related, where financial and legal information is exposed, should know that it is an SSL certificate, and if a user must know to identify when a page has that certificate, identified with a small lock of Apple green color, and if it is Webmaster, buy it as soon as possible.

Every time there are more ways to make financial scams or illicit on the Internet, such as theft of money through Online Banking and / or espionage of any kind.

Therefore they must have an SSL certificate both Social Networks and Email Services, virtual stores, eCommerce platforms and marketplaces of any kind, and financial services pages, such as banks or Home Banking and even digital wallets.

Types of SSL Certificates

There are different offers of SSL Certificates in the market, these being the most important. Primarily they vary in the particular characteristics of each website, also adapting to the technical requirements, tastes and budgets of each Webmaster.

Shared SSL Certificates:

In most cases they are free, offering basic guarantees and minimally required. Which is why it is not ideal for e-commerce sites. But it is a good option if your project is a personal Blog for example.

Domain Validation SSL Certificates:

Guarantees ownership and use by the applicant of the domain. Their costs are very low and therefore the range of the SSL Protocol is smaller, if not partial. Let’s say it is similar to the previous one but whoever has one has the certification that the domain he uses is safe. Unlike the previous one, users will not receive warnings that their browsing may not be secure.

It is ideal for pages where elementary activities that require little personal data, such as membership questionnaires or credit card payments.

Organization SSL Certificates:

Applied both to Non-Governmental Organizations and companies and other institutions or associations. Unlike the previous ones, this requires to audit and verify more information of the entity that requests the certification.

Extended SSL Certificate:

This is the highest certification in terms of SSL protocols. An extended SSL certificate guarantees that the company or organization is – or rather, your website is – reliable, true and secure. To grant this certificate it is necessary to audit a great number of aspects beyond the mere existence. They are meticulously exhaustive procedures, which even cover legal dimensions.

The two signs that you have an extended SSL certificate is the green bar in the addresses of some banks and Home Banking services. Another sign is to show who is the organization that issued the certification.

How to get a digital certificate?

There is a mechanism one way to get free SSL Certificates, which would be something like self-signed, but in itself is not recommended. As I said at the beginning, an SSL certificate is a kind of diplomatic passport that helps you navigate the Internet safely, auto-signing a credential of this type would be the closest thing to traveling with a fake passport or impersonating an identity.

You already know what an SSL certificate is. You can purchase the right ssl certificate with us in our online store.

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